How to keep your swag in best condition?

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Keep away putting away your swag up when wet. If you require shipping when wet, then all you can do is just roll it proximately and dry it out at the 1st obtainable moment. If swag is murky, wait till dry and sweep aside with a non-flexible dry broom. Do not be induced to clean with detergent as this will inflict waterproofing treatment. Treat any mildew or mould with a proper solution and wash it with a brisk brush grinding smoothly. Where synthetic materials are used for example strap netting and fastening loops there is the possibility that minimal leaking may happen. This is too small and happens in once in a blue moon, despite if this is the case, it is suggested that a waterproofing spray or liquid be used to these places where the sewing points are.  Never be sound and put your foot on the straps to make more secure. Securing the straps will not make your swag small in size. It will just put folds in your canvas.

During the night an average person will lose through sweat and change 500mls of water. Although the high-standard quality canvas will draw breathe and let much of this water through, in specific weather conditions for instance a sound-free cold night, some of this water will liquefy inside the swag. Even if only 30% of the water vapour discharged by the body during the night water builds up, this still means nearly 125mls or nearly a cup of water, or two cups in the case of a double swag can be seen inside the swag. It is very essential to let for as much changing air as possible. In the case of domed swags set free the end windows open this can be done securely if swag is perfectly fixed with the head in contrast from the wind and rain.

From top to bottom dampen new canvas initial to use to make sure that making airtight of seams. Keep away grime with a soft brisk brush and cold water after use. Do not wash with soap, detergent, petrol, oil or hard stuffs. Make sure that the swag is entirely dry before preservation. Do not preserve straight away on solid floors or in direct sunlight as this will be the reason for discolouration. Use a suggested canvas ticking off solution on well tired out places and seams if needed. Please keep in mind; the inside of swag is defenceless against condensation from breath and sweat, particularly in cold or sticky conditions and is frequently put a wrong interpretation as a dripping swag. All swags are building up from water and corrosion proofed, breathable canvas, but some situations create moisture quicker than the canvas can push out it. This is best lessened by not wholly sealing up your camping swag in this shape. Most Swag has a stretched out top portion at the head end to let the front to be open without permitting rain to enter.

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