Best Cruiser Bikes for Women

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Unlike before, more women own bicycles with the number growing by the day. The right kind of bicycle can make a big difference in the cycling experience. The increase in numbers made the manufactures to come up with better bike models that are best suited for women. The cruiser bikes are very comfortable, stylish and affordable.

One of the best bicycle brands is the cruiser bike. The bicycle dates back to 1930s and has become better and in various models over the years. Riding a bicycle is a fun way to spend free time. Ladies cruiser bikes are the best for those Saturday afternoon stroll in the park, on the beach, or a simple tour around the neighbourhood.

Cruiser bike features

A cruiser bike if often referred to as a beach bike. Cruiser bikes are made simply for cruising It has many features that make it steady and simple to ride for casual rides at low speeds. Cruiser bikes have a large wheel frame with balloon tires for easy use on rough roads and pavements. The bike has curved handlebars that help ones seat upright and coaster brakes for smooth riding. There are a few differences depending on the sub-model. The bikes have customized and upgraded features like lights, fenders, saddlebags luggage racks and more depending on the client’s tastes and preferences.

Types of cruiser bikes

Top trending cruiser bikes for women today include come in different shapes, sizes, and colors.

  • Beach cruiser bikes

There are also known as classic cruisers these bikes have the original features like wide 26-inch and 20-inch normal balloon style tires for stability and enough cushioning on the seat to handle small bumps on the road. The handles are tall and wrap around at both ends towards the rider. This helps them have an upright posture throughout the ride. Some of the classic cruiser bikes have paints and graphics that make them suitable for the beach.

  • Stretch

Stretch cruiser bikes have a unique design that entails an elongated body frame. The frame is twice as long as the original bike. This design enables the rider to sit further back, which is more comfortable to cycle in and have a lower setting that is closer to the ground.

  • Lower rider

Lower cruiser bikes design is attributed to the low ride cars and came because of custom modification of the original bikes. They have unique features smaller tires with white walls, large banana seats, wheels, front Springer forks and emphasized fenders at the front and back.

  • chopper

The chopper cruiser design came from combinations of the chopper style motorcycles and low rider bikes. These bikes have unique features with higher mounted handlebars that look like “ape hanger” design found on chopper motorcycles and longer fronts protruding from the handlebars. The wheels are in different with the front wheel being smaller than the back. People who buy these bikes often love them for their style and look rather than functionality.

  • Multi-speed

Multi-speed cruiser bikes exist in any cruiser type.  They have more gears as compared to other cruiser bikes. They make use of a rear cassette and derailleur to help in changing gears.  Because normal cruise bikes are slow in nature, multi-speed bikes provide a chance for riders who want comfort and still need some different speeds on inclined surfaces or through paths. This makes the bikes good for day-to-day transportation.

These types have many models in different shapes and sizes. Making sure you get the right bike for you will make cycle a fun activity to do. Whether you are riding to the mall, work or just for fun, the right bike is of utmost importance.

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