Yacht Charters Around The Balearic Islands

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When you next plan a family or group holiday away, why not plan a holiday that is different from the norm?

Most people opt to go on tours offered by their hotel or resort. This generally means crammed into transportation with lots of other tourists and shipped around like cattle. For most this is the only way to see the sites unless you hire your own minivan for the group are with.

Those that are looking for an adventure that offers spectacular views and enables you to get to areas that bus or minivan cannot reach have the option to book a yacht charter for the day.

Luxury yacht charters in the Balearic islands have become extremely popular as of late. One of the main reasons for this is their affordability. In the past, the price of hiring a private yacht charter was understandably high, but over the last few years with the increasing number of timeshare yachts and yacht management companies, the private yacht charter industry is able to offer those looking for an adventure on the sea better prices.

Day Boat Charter Mallorca

One of the best islands to book a yacht charter for the day is Mallorca. The Spanish island is situated in the middle of the Balearic Islands surrounded by Minorca, Ibiza, and Formentera. This leaves you with plenty of options to island hop. Plus because you are booking your yacht charter from Mallorca, you will get the best prices in the region as Ibiza and Minorca yacht charter companies tend to be overpriced.

A good company to look at private yacht charters in Mallorca is Azzura Charters. Have a look at their website here: https://azzurracharters.com/.

You can book the yacht to take you from the Port Adriano marina, which is where Azzura yachts are moored. The luxury yacht comes with 3 en-suite air-conditioned cabins, captain to take you around the Balearic Islands or around Mallorca island itself, and there is a Seabob F5 S so you can solo under and above the clear blue Mediterranean waters.

Island Hopping

You will be able to get the best deals on the Balearic Islands and they will help you plan your tour of the surrounding beaches on Mallorca and the other islands in the Balearic area cruising at 30 to 50 knots.

If you want to book a hotel on Ibiza and Formentera, then you can start by staying in Mallorca for a couple of days then book your private yacht for the day and head over to Ibiza while stopping at a restaurant and uninhabited beaches along the way. You can then arrange your flights home from Ibiza or arrange for one of the Azzura yachts to take you back to  Mallorca.

How Do You Book A Yacht Charter in Mallorca?

Simply visit the Azzura Yacht Charters contact page for more information. You can email or call them on  +34 616 852 271 to find out about the tours offered and how long you can book the yacht for. You will then be given a no obligation quote with a suggested tour plan providing you with the opportunity to take on a holiday of a lifetime.

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