Immigration Forms Online: Free From US Government

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Suppose you are planning to submit the application for any kind of immigration benefit –example, visa, or green card or for US citizenship, you no doubt will need to fill out some document, which includes official US government forms.

In a few cases, you may receive relevant forms when you make the contact with an appropriate US government agency –likely US Citizenship & Immigration Services or Department of State. But, in a few cases you should get a form on own and fill this out to start or continue the application process. Thus, it is very important that you to know the best source to get the forms.

Do Not Pay For the Immigration Forms

You don’t have to pay for downloading any kind of immigration form required by US government. Don’t get fooled and scammed by the websites that will charge you money for downloading such forms. They aren’t adding to and changing forms– just reselling it which you can get it totally free from (Actually, if sellers were changing forms, US government will no longer accept it.)

Here we are listing some locations online where you may obtain the forms that you want.

You need to know that the US government revises the forms very often. After the revision, it might or might not accept the older versions of this form. Thus, after you’ve downloaded any immigration form & filled it, you must, double check the site and see if any recent one is issued or not, and, whether the form that you have filled out still can be accepted. It is one important step if many weeks have passed out between your downloading a form and getting the application package totally ready to submit.

Get Forms from the USCIS Website

Suppose you are filing the petition to sponsor the employee or family member for immigration; or an immigrant (so-called “nonimmigrant” that has the temporary visa), you are in US and eligible to file for extending, change and adjusting your status; or you’re in US and want to apply for the asylum, TPS or Temporary Protected Status, and another benefit that is offered to the immigrants living in US; you may have to use the forms that are issued by the USCIS or you can visit

USCIS website has the page named “Forms” that lists all their forms it uses and accepts, in letter and number order. When you click through the links, you may either download or print this form and follow the instructions, and in a few cases, you need to fill out this form online & print this for the submission, and submit this online. It is as simple.

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