Introducing, Cooking Team Building Activities In Singapore!

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If you are tired of doing the same team building activities for your co-workers, then you need to find something exciting. If you want to learn while having fun, then you should try the cooking team building Singapore. If this is the first time that you heard of such, then don’t worry, because after reading this article, this will definitely be the next activity that you would want for your team.

Corporate Cooking Class In Singapore

If you are looking for something productive to do with your team, then you should try the cooking team building offered by D’Open Kitchen in Singapore. This is the top culinary school of the country and you should never miss out on their classes. They have various fun activities for your team that surely everyone would want to participate in.

cooking team building singapore

Here are the activities that you can choose from:

Standard Race.

This is highly recommended for corporate team bonding. For this activity, you get to choose three-course meals such as entree, main, and dessert from their extensive menus. Your team should be able to complete everything in a set time. It will provide a fun and positive environment for everybody and encourage them to work together while enjoying themselves.

These events are usually held in a fully-equipped venue. This race doesn’t need chefs. If you have kitchen novices in your team, that will not be a problem because this race is specifically designed to cater to all culinary skill levels.

Mystery Box Challenge.

This is just like a mystery box segment on the “MasterChef” but with a twist. Each team will be given a “Black Box” that will contain mystery ingredients. The teams should only use the ingredients included in the box in order to create a dish. But remember, this is still under time pressure. This challenge is specifically designed to incorporate team building elements in a very exciting way.

Amazing Race.

This Amazing Race Cooking Challenge is full of fun and excitement. This is basically doing a three-course meal but with a foot race. This is one of the most unique team-building ideas that you can opt to do on your next activity. During the race, the participants will buy their ingredients for the three-course meal as part of their challenge. They will be given a certain budget and they get to choose the right ingredients as well as the appropriate amount needed for each dish. Then, they will have to cook their dishes which is the ultimate challenge. Timing and budget are crucial in this challenge.

Master Class.

If your team just wants to have a more relaxed activity, no running or cooking under a time limit, then you can take the Master Class at D’Open Kitchen. This way, you can help your team take their cooking skills to the next level. Their masterclasses will be able to teach each one of you everything that you need to learn – from basic cooking skills to a more complicated skill set needed for your master cuisine.

Other Team Building Activities At D’Open Kitchen

Aside from these four amazing team building activities offered at D’Open Kitchen, there are also other fun-filled activities for you. They have the “Fear Factor” where you deal with live ingredients, “Top Chef” where a chef shows you a finished dish and your team needs to recreate it, and also “Epicurious” where you get to learn a standard 3-course meal using an extra “odd” ingredient.

If cooking is what most of your teammates are passionate about outside the office, then this is definitely a fun activity for everyone. Just check out the D’Open Kitchen website to learn more about the fun activities that they offer.

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