What to Know While Flying TO Hong Kong from Singapore?

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Hong Kong is one of the many world flight destinations that enjoy direct flights from Singapore. We’ve airlines like United Airlines, Singapore Airlines, and Cathay Pacific, each of which offers at least a direct flight each day. While heading to Hong Kong from Singapore via a flight, you must understand that there are two terminals. Terminal one is the biggest passenger terminal building with a world record, while terminal two is just a check-in facility that also offers process services for carriers. Besides knowing the airfare to Hong Kong from Singapore, there are lots of other things you should know before booking a flight.

The Weather in Hong Kong

Singapore and Hong Kong lie in the same time zone, which is GMT +8:00. So they enjoy almost equal climates. However, Hong Kong has a humid subtropical climate, characterized by occasional summertime thunderstorms in the months of June to August, with temperatures fluctuating from 26 to 32 degrees Celsius during the three months. In winter, Hong Kong temperatures hover within 14 to 18 degrees Celsius.  Travelers from Singapore are advised to tour Hong Kong in November as the temperatures during this month are cool and outdoor stays will be fun.

Flying TO Hong Kong from Singapore

Hotel and Meal Cost in Hong Kong

Eating out in Singapore and Hong Kong will cost you almost the same.  The cost of meals in local restaurants in Singapore costs around 12 Singapore dollars, while it will cost around 11 Singapore dollars in a locally based Hong Kong restaurant. Hotel rooms are as well almost the same, though Hong Kong hotel room nights are a bit more costly. Staying in a 4-star hotel in Singapore will cost you around 97 Singapore dollars, while it cost you around 115 Singapore dollars to stay in a 4-star hotel in Hong Kong.

Get Affordable Flights from Singapore to Hong Kong

When comparing airfare to Hong Kong from Singapore flight deals to choose the best, you should stay within your budget and search preferences. There are lots of flights to compare alongside many different routes to choose from, so paying attention to the things that matter can save you a great deal. It will as well be good you understand the best time to visit Hong Kong from Singapore as not all seasons and times of the year will be favorable for your kind of trip. Traveling when fewer people are traveling, which is mostly between March and May is strongly advised for travelers who are on a low budget. Also, for those who want to rock themselves to the fullest without having to worry about erratic climates and unfavorable temperatures, you are advised to tour Hong Kong during the month of November as the climate is quite cool and favorable to all.

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