Try Out Bandhavgarh National Park for a Mesmeric Experience

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There are plenty of destinations for you if you are excited about exploring. Once you begin to search, you end up with plenty of options and alternatives. Be it national parks or sightseeing; you can experience a rich diversity in India. Every state in this country is filled with mesmerising tourist spots for you. Talking specifically about Madhya Pradesh, it has some of the most outstanding and gorgeous destinations of tourist attraction.

One of the most prominent spot of Madhya Pradesh is Bandhavgarh National Park. It is one of the most popular wild life sanctuaries. This national park is located at 197 kilometre away north-east of the placed called Jabalpur. This mesmeric wild life park earns its very name from an antique fort situated in this area. To be more precise, Bandhavgarh fetches its name from an ancient fort named Bandhavgarh Fort. Bandhavgarh National Park belongs to Vindhyan mountain ranges of the central India and it brags about having the highest thickness of tiger population in the entire country.  The spot is at an altitude of around 800 m above the sea level. Once you are there, you can easily spot 46 to 52 tigers roaming therein!

The extremely dense forest of Bandhavgarh National Park lays in a bowl surrounded by rock face and wooded VindhyanMountains. Moreover, its plains too have a huge number of grass and cane covered wetlands wherein Kingfishers dive.  Bandhavgarh was declared a park in the year 1968. This is also the place wherein the popular WHITE TIGERS of Rewa got discovered. Apart from majestic tigers and leopards, Bandhavgarh is also hugely productive for bison herds of medium size.

What Bandhavgarh is?

Bandhavgarh is a spot of legendary and mythological   significance. The antique Bandhavgarh Fort is of immense importance as it is considered to have been presented by Lord Rama to younger brother Lakshmana. ‘Bandhav’ in English simply means brother and ‘Garh’ simply stands for fort. So, the name is Bandhavgarh! Bandhavgarh apparently dates back to two thousand years ago and you are certainly going to find numerous man made caves having rock paintings and inscriptions.

Bandhavgarh is the land of tigers too. You should visit this place if you wish to experience the presence of big cat. India’s top house for tigers, Bandhavgarh National Park possesses the highest density of regal Bengal tigers in the world.  These views are believed to activate a sense of wonder in you!

Emergence of Bandhavgarh

Bandhavgarh came into existence in a form of a national park in the year 1968 with an essential area of 105 sq. km that was later on expanded as two contiguoussal forests in the year 1986. Before it became a national park, it was game reserve of Maharajas of Rewa. But because of loss of regal patronage, it stayed neglected for a pretty long time till the government avowed it a national park to control lush poaching in the area.

 A peep into the Flora of Bandhavgarh

In the beginning, only 105.40-square –kilometres in area, Bandhavgarh having twenty five resident TIGERS was known for its high-density tiger population. But in this present time, it has been stretched to an area of around 437-square -kilometres. Nearly half of the BandhavgarhPark is encompassed with grand trees of Sal, whereas the mixed forests are discovered in higher reaches of hills.  Beautiful stretches of the grasslands and bamboo extend towards the north. The chief wildlife viewing can be done in the core of the park along with its thirty two scenic, forested hills. The entire space is picturesque.

If you explore through the Bandhavgarh national park on the Back of an Elephant, the possibilities of spotting a tiger are quite good.  Of course you can experience the presence of other wild attractions too like Chousingha, Nilgai, Chital, Wild Boar, Chinkara and At times a Fox or Jackal too.  Moreover, in this National Park the tourists and visitors can easily enter siting on the back of an Elephant.  This is of course apart from the four wheelers.  During the elephant safaris a forest department guide is always there to accompany the guests who directed to the different areas of the park and the guide also tells about the fauna and flora   of this park.  If you are looking for the ideal time to munch on the charms of this park then the ideal time would be is early in morning or after four pm to witness the animals. You can make the most of this park throughout the year except 1st July to 15th October, as it is the monsoon season.

Pleasure of Safaris

Once you are here, it is definitely your choice to pick your preferred Safari. You can relish the wildlife through two chief ways: Elephant Safari or Jeep Safari. Talking about Jeep safaris, they are undertaken during the time of early morning hours till the evening. There is always a forest department guide with visitors on these jeep journeys taken within the park. Elephant safari tours are organized for the tiger tracking early in the morning.

Exciting Packages

If you have no idea where to get started but you wish you explore the charm and pleasures of this national park then you can make the most of a Bandhavgarh national park tour package. Such packages can set the stage for your entire trip. The professionals design these packages to cater the utmost pleasure to the travellers. The best thing about such a package is that you will not have to wander here or there; since you are on a package trip, you reach spots within the given time and with absolute comfort and ease.


So, you must visit this national park so as to explore the charm and pleasure of this lush area. You are not just going to be enlightened about so many animals, flora and fauna but also about the legendary charm of this place. After all, people of all age groups can make the most of this spot. You can visit this tourist attraction with your entire family and each one of you is going to love the place!


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