Packing for Your Bali Cruise

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Bali is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world. The picturesque island has become so popular that international celebrities make their way there quite often. You could bump into your favorite artiste or Hollywood bigwig on your vacation.

The little island is not only loved for the beautiful landscapes and friendly locals, but also for its wonderful cruises. A Bali cruise is not unlike any other cruises that you have been on. It is still an expanse of seawater and wonderful breezes.

You will not need much for your cruise. Do not panic if you forget something at home as you are most likely to find it on the island. In fact, you are better off only packing what you must have and getting the rest in Bali.

You may find the clothes and shoes in Bali more appropriate for the island than anything you could bring from home.

Below are some of the vital things you must bring on your trip.

Travel Documents and Money

Some of the documents you will need include:

  • Travel insurance papers
  • Receipts for travelers’ cheques
  • Back-up cash
  • Passport and other travel documents

Have your travel insurance papers in two copies. One copy goes into your day bag and the other in your luggage. This saves you a lot of trouble in case you lose one of the two.

Back-up cash is necessary in case you find the modern ATMs in Bali not working. Network glitches are quite common there. The need for emergency cash could crop up. It would be very frustrating to hunt around for an operational ATM.

If your Bali cruise tour includes stopovers in other countries along your route, you will need additional passport-size photos to apply for visas. This saves you the trouble of having to figure out how to get them as well as time and money.

Clothing and Shoes

You will need more than your bikini or swimming trunks depending on the activities you plan to do. The weather in Bali calls for light cotton clothing. Your beloved jeans will not be needed here. There are plenty of shops in Bali and Jakarta where you can shop for appropriate attire.

Factor in some appropriate clothing for visits to religious sites. Additionally, pack some appropriate dinner clothes if you plan on a dinner cruise with your partner. Nevertheless, do not pack much as you will obviously do some shopping in Bali.

Flip-flops may be all the shoes you need. Quite a few places in Bali require you to leave your shoes at the door. Therefore, you want shoes you can quickly slip off and on.

A nice pair of shoes to go with that dinner dress may also be needed if dinner is on your schedule. Moreover, some high-end places may deny you entry if your shoes do not fit in with their dress code.

Cameras and Gadgets

What’s the use of a trip to an exotic location if you cannot bring back piles of photographs for your friends? Whether you need Instagram-worthy shots or just memories for the family, a good camera is essential.

You might also want to communicate with loved ones at home or share your experiences with your social media followers. Your phone or tablet will come in handy. However, you must find out how to take care of your gadgets in tropical Bali.

Also, consider packing an adaptor just in case your cruise ship does not provide a universal outlet that works with your device.


Do not leave your sunscreen behind. The sun in Bali can be hot and unrelenting. In addition, pack your toiletries as well. It is not guaranteed that you will find your favourite kind in Bali.

A Bali cruise will give you a taste of paradise. It will connect you to nature in a whole new way, open up new worlds. You will experience a different way of life and observe cultures that you would never have dreamed existed.

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