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Have you ever imagined of an adventure, a place where you can visit to free your thoughts by its natural look, spectacular scenery, interesting history, and exotic wildlife? At Mari Island there exist of all these fantasies at one place. The place offers a lifetime experience of a four day guided walk with wildlife, most spectacular thing is that you will be provided with a guide, while you enjoy the best wildlife and scenery, and world’s great walks you have ever imagined.

What is Maria Island?

Maria Island is a beautiful scenic Island located in Tasman Sea, Australia. The Island is famous for its Maria Island National Park and a marine, which give a spectacular view to the touring visitors. Anyone visiting this place is sure to enjoy many pleasing offers, such as guided walk, while watching exotic Tasmanian wildlife. Additionally, they still enjoy the lovely landscape and interesting history of the area. The area interiors are blessed with the mountainous landscape, a marine sea with a stretch of beautiful white sand, vast water, and tremendous limestone cliff which are fascinating to watching.

Why Choose the Maria Island Walk

Maria Island Walk is famous and has won a couple of awards for the superb services it offers. This has made it a recognizable holiday nature walk experience where you can enjoy a four day guided nature walk which comes with various benefits.

The walk

The walk starts at a specific place, where the tourists are collected, signaling the start of their lifetime fascinating experience. Maria island walk has well-organized guides who are friendly and will delightfully welcome you and even offer to carry your light packs after a short briefing.  On top of exploring the magnificence Maria Island, you will enjoy benefits such as adventurous wilderness camps, and engage in romantic lovely candlelit gourmet diners during the nights.

Winter Escape

If you are tired of feeling cold, wearing of black winter coats, and more so stuffy red nose, Maria Island is a place to escape all these and enjoy the escapade in Maria Island. The island is filled with history and the famous Bernacchi House, which dates back to 1880. You will enjoy a lovely candlelit night at this renovated and modernized house, while you explore its historic features while enjoying the marvelous view of the stars. A good day does not end without a sweet pack of foods and wine. At Maria Island, you will be able to enjoy local delicacies, ranging from local brewed beers and wineries, plus three-course quality meals in the evening in a well candlelit house of Bernacchi.

Remember the guides will give you a brief guideline to be followed for a perfect rounding of your all experiences at Maria Island. You will meet these friendly and warm welcoming guides, they are chosen professional with a great personality and ready to handle any person.


If you are looking for a winter escape or an adventure filled with great and awesome feature form the Mother Nature, Maria Island is the place to be. At Maria Island, you will enjoy a four day guided tour, while enjoying the escapades of pleasing landscapes, such as mountains and marine sea. This is a great adventurous place where many people have not discovered yet; you not have to miss this lifetime adventurous and beautiful experience.

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