Fiji -Your Next Sailing Paradise

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Imagine yourself waking up to the sounds of the ocean waves, sun rays reflecting on the blue waters, and an island enclosed by white sandy beaches and backed by swaying palm trees, that’s Fiji. This paradise on the South Sea is made up of more than 300 islands with an outstanding accommodation facility. Fiji is a country that is situated in the South Pacific within the Oceania continent. You will get the best snorkeling and diving experiences. Expect the warmest welcome from the locals for your sailing holiday. There’s a lot to do once you reach Fiji. You can sunbathe, explore the various rainforests, and hop in different islands.

If you are planning your next sailing holiday in Fiji, the below-mentioned information will help you to execute your plan, and preparation will be easier.

Perfect Sailing Time

The islands of Fiji enjoy the ideal tropical climate from the South Sea. The temperatures are warm and pleasant all-the-year-round. Fiji can be your perfect sailing destination during the summer season when the weather is great to have fun. But you can also opt for Fiji if you want to escape the winter months at your homeland. From December to February, the temperature ranges from 24 to 36 Degrees. And from June to August which is the winter season, the temperature lies between 21 to 26 Degrees. Try to avoid the destination from November to April because of the tropical storms (organize a holiday in the Med with these guys instead!)

sailing holiday in Fiji

Best Places to Visit

The places you want to visit in Fiji depend on what kind of experience you want to have from your vacation. But whichever the place is, you will always be surrounded by friendly locals and stunning coastal areas and turquoise blue ocean waters.

The best places in Fiji to visit in Fiji are as follows.

  • The Mamanuca Islands are perfect for family sailing holidays as they are full of delightful beach family resorts. They also have snorkeling and swimming facilities from the beach that are safe and secured. Kids will love the place because there are a lot of activities and adventures for them.
  • The Yasawa Islands are perfect for a couple of sailing vacations. These are a good choice if you want to have a more intimate sailing trip with your partner. The beaches are wonderful and vibrant. They also have snorkeling and diving reefs. So if you want to explore the underwater world together, this is the place for you.
  • The Outer Islands are for those who are adventurous. For reaching these islands, you will have to anchor your yacht at the nearby anchorage and then travel a little extra by a small boat. You will visit some extraordinary resorts in the outer islands. These resorts are calm and peaceful. They are excellent for adventures like hiking and rock climbing.

Activities Waiting for You

Once you reach Fiji by sailing on a catamaran, you will be spoilt for choices. Water babies and landlubbers will most likely enjoy the breathtakingly beautiful underwater world of Fiji from below the water surface. Others are likely to enjoy some other kind of activities like fishing, horse riding, jet skiing and boating, windsurfing, and kite-surfing at this island paradise.

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