Desert Safari Deals: Exquisite and Lavish Experience

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Visiting Dubai without experiencing desert safari is something that can never make your visit worthy enough. When you take the name of Dubai, then it is just similar to luxurious lifestyle, high tech and modern developments and perseverance of traditional culture. Although Dubai skyline and grounds are adorned with state of the art buildings and recreational spots, but the desert safari still remains in the limelight for the tourists visiting this magnificent piece of land from across the globe. When you talk about desert safari deals, then you can cover everything interesting, enjoyable and thrilling, if you become successful in booking the most comprehensive package for you and your family. The activities you can enjoy there includes, sand boarding, quad biking, dune bashing in luxurious 4×4, hot air ballooning, dune buggy ride, camel ride, live and fresh bar B Que and a lot more.

Morning safari

This safari starts with the sunrise and it lets the tourist enjoy the early morning experience in vast desert with tall shadows casting across the desert, making the landscape look breathtaking. The desert in the early morning feels so fresh and the temperature comparatively at lower side. This is the right time to experience hot air ballooning and safaris of wildlife, including camel rides. The morning safari should be at the top of the list of things to do in Dubai.

Evening safari

If you are amongst those tourists, who want to experience quintessential safari of the desert then evening time is the rightest one for you. Evening safaris are planned to entertain and excite the tourists by offering them the option of indulging mouthwatering and delectable fresh food along with traditional dance and bonfire, quad biking and of course dune bashing. Due to more activities and lavish food served during evening time, evening safari prices are relatively higher.

Here are some tips to follow which will help you enjoy the safari experience in the best possible way.

  1. Comfortable clothing

If you want to take the most out of all safari activities, then do not dress up formally. Wear loose and comfortable casual clothes so that you do not get troubled there. And do wear comfortable open shoes like flip flops or easy to wear sandals.

  1. Take along right things with you

When going on desert safari, it is must to carry a think and easy jacket, as desert is the place which gets little chilly at night. Moreover, you should have sunglasses with you so that you can protect your eyes from sand. Lastly, put lots of sunscreen to keep your skin protected from UV rays.

  1. Follow your guide

Activities like dune bashing can be pretty rough and thrilling. If you are old, have some health problem or have a baby with you, then please do not take any risk. Listen to what your instructor says. Do not bring trouble for you and your family.

  1. Best time to visit

Winters are best time for daytime safaris, as the weather is pretty pleasant and if you are going during summers, then try to choose evening desert safari deals.

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