4 Things to do in Orlando that won’t cost you money

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One of the primary reasons people shy away from planning a vacation in Orlando is because of the expenses it brings along. For a wholesome experience, contact a car rental in Orlando, book your car and just drive around the places that we are about to mention to you. If you are done getting bankrupt after the trip to Disneyland and want something for the experience that won’t dig a hole in your pocket, these places can be quite an amazing spot to visit and explore.

So, without further delay, let us walk you through some of the best spots around in Orlando that won’t cost you money to visit.

Visit the Lake Eola

The very first in the list of the places that you can visit to gather some amazing experience is the Lake Eola. It is located in the heart of downtown Orlando, so get your car and drive down there to witness the beautiful sunset. There is a 9 mile side walk with swans around that is very peaceful to just stare around and walk down. They have quite a number of free activities happening there throughout the year, so keep an eye out.

Visit the Lakeridge Winery

Another one of the must do things while you are in Orlando, Florida is to explore the Lakeridge Winery. It is spread across an area of 127 acre, making it an amazing spot to visit. It is located in Clermont, so renting out a car from Miles Car Rental can be the best way to go around. You can get a tour of the place and even taste the wine for free. They also have live events happening around the year, so keep an eye out on that.

Walk through Disney Springs

Priorly known as Downtown Disney, this is another spot that you can visit and explore while in Orlando. It has a wide range of lakeside shops and restaurants and bars that you can look through. The beautiful outdoor setting of the place is a perfect spot to just explore if you are not in a place to spend extra money. The water taxi is also available there and the spot comes with free parking, so you don’t have to spend on that too.

Celebration Town Center

Last but not least is the Celebration Town Center, which is where Disney started. The place is quite chill and laidback ensuring that you can get a wholesome experience while you are there.

All in all, if you are planning on visiting Orlando but don’t want to go over budget, these are some of the spots that you can visit to gain an amazing experience for free. Make sure that you have everything planned out beforehand to go around easily.

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