Three Easy and Delicious Camping Meals

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Camping is a favorite summer activity for everyone who loves outdoor recreation. Sometimes preparing all the equipment and packing all the equipment leaves little time for cooking. Many times, this means many hot dogs and sandwiches. Here are three simple and delicious camping meals that you can prepare in advance, and this will make the summer trip a success for the whole family.

Delicious camping meals

  1. Aluminum foil dinners: a favorite among the scouts, foil lunch is a classic camp dinner, light and tasty. Start with small carrots, potatoes sliced ​​into 1 “squares, onions and green beans. Put a generous portion of vegetables on a large area of ​​strong foil. Add hamburger, salt, pepper, seasoning and wrap the foil. Safe, these dishes will be stored in the refrigerator in the refrigerator for several days, and when you are ready to eat, just throw them on the fire or grill, cook until the hamburger is completely golden, and enjoy these simple dinners are incredibly tasty and full. You can even let the children choose their favorite meals in advance and ensure that everyone gets exactly what they want. The best part of the meals of aluminum foil is that you can eat them straight from the foil, and then throw away when you are finished. Making and easy to clean.

delicious camping meals

  1. Aluminum foil pizza sandwiches: An even lighter relative to a classic aluminum foil dinner. Who does not like pizza and where it is better to enjoy your favorite cake than in the camp? Just order your favorite pizza, let it cool, take two pieces and combine the edges of the cheese with the crust. Take your pizza sandwich, wrap it in foil and go. Throw into a fire or grill and heat until the cheese melts. No utensils or utensils are required, which could be simpler than this.
  1. First Night Fish: my personal favorite, and perfect for those who like salmon. Take a large salmon filet and place the skin upside down on a piece of durable foil. Make sure the foil is large enough to completely wrap the steak. Grease the salmon on top, sprinkle with lemon pepper, dill and lemon juice. Wrap everything and pack. You can then grill salmon over medium heat until cooked. It goes well with a jar of green beans and buns. This food is best served on the first night; Salmon fillet will take some space in your refrigerator and will not hold well for more than two days.


Preparation is the key to any successful camping trip. Be sure to be prepared by planning all your equipment and meals in advance. Cooking at home will save time and inconvenience in the camp. These dishes are not only tasty and easy to prepare, but also very easy to clean. The foil contains clutter and allows you to throw out the trash when you are done.

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