Most renowned Events Caterer in Hong Kong

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Zebratasty is a widely-renowned caterer, known for delivering consistent, high-quality catering service for corporate events, functions, and parties in Hong Kong.

Zebratasty is established in 2013 and has looked after event catering hong kong for multiple industries of all shapes and sizes throughout Hong Kong. Name it and they’ll get it! Zebratasty provides services like –

  • Buffets
  • Canapés
  • Lunch box
  • Packaged meal
  • Equipment for event
  • Waiting staff for events

Zebratasty has covered prestigious labels and big companies alike, from banking and legal to fashion and lifestyle brands – we are steadily delivering unrivaled conference catering.

If you’re looking to host a corporate lunch, formal dinner, cocktail reception, seminars, parts or just for leisure, the Zebratasty team is 24/7 available for assistance and your catering needs.  What drives the company the most is seeing the customers being happy, along with knowing that both the event host and organizers feel secure and confident about every catering detail.

Buffet Catering in Hong Kong

We ensure to make your next event a big one with our quintessential buffet and a mouth-watering selection of dishes to suit and satisfy your guests. We assure the complete satisfaction of our clients and their guests. Our company is the preferred choice for catering to corporate events throughout Hong Kong. As we love to say, “the first taste is with the eyes.”

At Zerbratasty, we Hong Kong’s best buffet catering menu, which consists of three main packages –


Events Catering in Hong Kong provide every package; standard drinks package, dining utensils, wait staff, and all the necessary catering equipment would be inclusive. With each package, we are providing extensive options for soups, salads, cold dishes, hot snacks, carvery, hot mains, vegetables, pasta & rice, and of course, and dessert as well.

Buffet Catering Menu 2019

Express Buffet

  • $268 pax (standard drinks package)
  • $328 pax (wine + standard drinks package)​

Available selections:

  • 2 x salads
  • 2 x cold dish
  • 3 x hot main
  • 1 x vegetable
  • 2 x pasta & rice
  • 3 x desserts

Executive Buffet

  • $298 pax (standard drinks package)
  • $358 pax (wine + standard drinks package)

Available selections:

  • 1 x soup
  • 3 x salads
  • 2 x cold dish
  • 4 x hot main
  • 1 x veg
  • 2 x pasta & rice
  • 4 x desserts

Diamond Buffet

  • $368 pax (standard drinks package)
  • $428 pax (wine + standard drinks package)

Available selections:

  • 1 x soup
  • 4 x salad
  • 3 x cold dish
  • 2 x hot snack
  • 1 x carvery
  • 5 x hot main
  • 1 x veg
  • 2 x pasta & rice
  • 5 x dessert

event catering hong kongZebratasty Buffet Packages Also Includes –

Standard drinks package – Orange Juice, Soft Drinks – Coke, Coke Zero, Sprite, Soda Water, and Bottled Water. Fresh Brewed Coffee, Black Tea, Hot water. Milk. Lemon Slices. Sugar.

Dining utensils – 9” China dinner plate, 6” side plate, silver fork, silver knife, paper napkin.Small dessert fork. Coffee Cup, Saucer, Coffee Spoon. High Ball Glass.Wine glass.

​​Wait staff – 2 staff for the first 50 pax. Thereafter 1 additional staff for every 100 pax. More staff will be required to pass around the service.

​All necessary catering equipment, table setting & décor included. Set-up time 1.5 hours prior to event start. Round-trip delivery is inclusive. No other hidden costs.


For any general inquiries or requests, feel free to contact our friendly team today at +852 3565 4120 or

visit our website for more.

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